Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Microsoft: No Xbox 360 Price Drop for Several Years

The Xbox 360 has been through quite the public crucible of late. In the last 12 months, it's added a brand new model, re-priced its peripherals, dropped the bottom line cost of all its configurations, and in just a few weeks, it'll completely switch out the face it offers to gamers when powered on (see my review of that change-up, parts one and two). Whatever you think of those changes, you can justifiably say 2008 has been an incredibly transformative one for a system that only launched three years ago.

So it's not surprising to read that Microsoft's Stephen McGill told VideoGamer.com the price cuts are done, finished, fini, and that the company is "not dropping the price for many many years in the future." While McGill would technically be speaking on behalf of the UK market, Microsoft has tended to structure the 360's pricing internationally, so it's likely his statement applies universally.

According to McGill:

I'm not going to speculate where it might go (the price of the Xbox 360) in five or ten years time, whatever. But we've obviously just reduced the price and that's because we can pass the costs reductions we have straight on to consumers.

...a lot of people have been waiting for it to become even more affordable and they're now seeing that benefit and buying it in their droves and we can now hopefully continue it through Christmas and beyond."

That makes sense for the added reasons that Microsoft is selling well against Sony's PS3. Sony's Ray Maguire also said recently that the PS3 won't be dropping so much as a penny this holiday season, so there's no real pressure for Microsoft to double its flanking maneuvers.

That said, is it time for Sony to drop the PS3's price? Have a look at my thoughts on that touchy matter and decide for yourself.

Reference : http://www.pcworld.com/article/153200/no_xbox_price_drop.html?tk=rss_news

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