Thursday, 11 September 2008

Microsoft postpones live VM migration for Hyper-V two more years

At a virtualization product launch today, Microsoft give a long-delayed demo of Hyper-V live migration, but then went on to slate the feature's eventual release for the next edition of Windows Server.
In showing the upcoming capability to a crowd of customers in Bellevue, WA, Bob Muglia, senior VP of Microsoft's server and tools business, suggested that in the Windows Server product which follows Windows Server 2008, users will be able to instantly migrate virtualized software deployments from one server to the next, for consolidation on the fly.
But the live migration demo may actually come as bad news to some data center admins, who have been looking forward to Microsoft adopting some form of live migration since 2006. Microsoft's first delay of this feature was announced 16 months ago, after the company had promised it for "Longhorn," which became Windows Server 2008. The feature was cut, said product managers at the time, in order that Hyper-V could meet its launch window; but then that window was later scooted to 90 days after Windows Server 2008's own launch.
A little over one year later, the feature may now be waiting for a launch date two years from now, at the earliest. Without mentioning a specific time today, Microsoft stated live migration would be ready for Windows Server 2008 R2, which it touted as the very next version of the server operating system. Yet this product roadmap updated last month clearly marks the R2 version as "scheduled for release during 2010."
Live migration may actually be a necessity for some data centers, especially for systems that use failover clustering. If a virtual machine is running on a system that fails, conceivably a former state of that machine could be restored from a backup, but that would take time. With live migration, data centers can relocate running instances of critical servers between physical processors, with zero downtime.
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